Out of o

Safe and sound; considering and realizing
playful joy in engulfing arms of fire.

On waves and streams of red volcanic magma
remembering expeditions into nothingness
on red waves sprinkling out of the home as they unfold
but not too much
only some moves – forth, and back into the arms
of her guiding globe; and her consultations
they were always near to me

Seeing others beside, different destinys in the making
but feeling nearness of them
sometimes was not enough,
watching into nothingness
what can i see? …

Seeing blue Globe in distance, moving closer
considerations with her; consultations
looking deeper into time and space
Seeing how blue is shook in its core
at one point in time, at one point in matter
turning into red, outwards and around
realizing this will be experiencing for
– those that are real –

it will be warm there,
it was a bit colder some time as they built
on and on i saw and moved the time in my mind
slowly and skipping some frames,
like a movie, i skipped back in time i looked
one move was too far, i saw what happened there.
i moved back in time
saw one time that was the point
that was feeling like me
as it reflected me
it was that which reflected my feeling

Feeling the need to move below
spring forth feeling of want and ownership
of this experience for me to have this
this globe that turns from blue to red
asked by my holding place of home:
is it really what you want ?
do you know what real is?

i wanted to experience this
as it was already myself
waved the others goodbye
as they sprinkled back and forth
on waves of red magma, one i saw there
i gave her one special hug of what can be called a hug
in this place, which has no body of real
and knew
i will be guided by Her power
into this world
of blue Globe that will turn
from blue to red.

— That was from the time
before i came here.
when i was with ennoea
in only globe of red
which i felt was my home

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