An understanding of the seed grows with time.

The understanding of the seed is a grindstone. The different lessons forge you. They leave you as marked, as afflicted. Have you lost an eye? Or another part of yourself? Let it be a lesson to you. Be careful with the moments. Take measure. Don’t let your soul be robbed of its search for perfection. The terrible lessons hide the fractures through which one passes from the understanding of the seed into the seed itself. We see them in the blue deceptive sky, as they scoff at us promisingly. We have to rummage in the books and think that the seed is dubious to us. We measure it and feel it out like a blind man. It’s allowed. We are allowed to do that because we have no access to the seed. The precious moment, without fear, without wanting proof. without deception, without protection. Without a bubble in which to protect ourselves from condemning a god or a devil. We can’t do that yet. Bare seeds. Precious seeds. Not to be abused and fleeced. It contains the soul fire and precious spark of true belonging.

Note: I have made the following music selection for myself. It may therefore appear to you (the reader) to be unsuitable for this structure, as it is based on personal criteria.

Getting up again

One goes through the cycle over and over again. It imprints itself in you and you learn like a blind man to identify the space you are in. To locate the crashes and the reasonably safe places in that room. It’s about patience and about getting up again and again, even if it hits you again and again. Actually everything looks confused and it feels like in the movie “Groundhog Day”. You experiment like a stupid person by just changing the ingredients and moving a few things around because you have no idea how this mechanism works that leaves you completely helpless after it maneuvers you through its strangely similar wheels into strangely similar rooms.

David Guetta & Sia – Flames

Permanent notches

The crying is over, people will remember the love. She will remember that one day he did not know how to take care of her (the love). What remains is the seed of the remaining traces. The notches over time that really mattered and those that didn’t and the growing ability to distinguish one from the other. “Where does love go when all is said and done?”

Los Kjarkas – Llorando Se Fue
LSD – Thunderclouds

It is understandable

You still have to learn how to deal with love. The right care. When will you learn? You need time to learn. It’s understandable. You’ll fall down a lot. You want to finish.

Tori Amos- Winter
Der Nino aus Wien – Es geht immer ums vollenden

Homeland Time Bubble

In the speechless meditation, peace of mind and strength are gathered. The introverts blossom in it, because they feel one with their feelings and no longer have to construct. Finding one’s own home and belonging takes time. You have to become familiar with what does you good and what takes energy. Waiting for the morning after. Not throwing everything away for today. Looking inside. Not putting the little disaster on the pedestal. Keep the big picture in your heart and from there draw the strength to travel back in time.

Duduk Meditation – Memories of Caucasus
Duran Duran – Save A Prayer

False pride

Time is needed to break pride. Sometimes it just takes time. “It is not dead that lies eternal, Till time defeats death. (H.P.Lovecraft)”. They say you had everything and just threw it away. But you couldn’t stay. Time to reminisce. Autumn heralds the long, lonely season of winter. Plenty of time to think.

Molly Nilsson – Serious Flowers
Elena – Man in the rain

Appreciating moments

The seed is the precious moment. The eternal ones who may live 1000 years or more will not taste Paradise in this eternity (at least not if they have the same perception of time as we do). To understand the seed is to understand how to walk on the borderline without falling off. A narrow degree on which one can learn to walk. To lose shows us the precious thing in life. It shows us the value of winning. When we are on the outside (outside paradise), we will long for it. Paradise exists in a fleeting precious shared moment. One reflects for a long time on the access and will realize that this access is in the here and now and not in the past or future. The long time allows us to sense the way in which one can sow many times to reap the good. The seed becomes a proud tree that bears ripe fruit. Where this seed is not sown, this tree is missing. If the tree is missing, then there are no more precious moments. Time must not be hoarded and locked away. If one makes time deaf by apathy and absence of the soul and withdraws from the world, one no longer sows seeds and there will be no trees. “see there is a funny woman, she’s joking and wants to cheer me up. I could have a conversation with her, but I’d rather not. Otherwise she’ll think I want something from her. Besides, I have to go to work right away.”

“The understanding of the seed is not parallel to the essence of the seed. In fact, they are opposing lines that merely intersect. In a strange way, this knowledge of seed even contradicts the essence of seed. The understanding of the seed always carries the danger of not being able to appreciate the seed, because it exists outside the seed. The true lesson, therefore, is to leave the path of understanding and enter the seed, to truly enter the moment.”

Manami Ishikawa – Mahoroba Densetsu
Nick Drake – Fruit Tree

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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