Treasures in the aborted stories of life.

One is disconnected from contact with the beloved subject and now experiences oneself thrown back on oneself. Looking to the future, one hopes that love will not disappear but remain accessible. Expectations and demands you had on the other person now disappear and you let go.

Note: I have made the following music selection for myself. It may therefore appear to you (the reader) to be unsuitable for this structure, as it is based on personal criteria.

Angel Queen – 新竹取物語 1000年女王 (Queen Millenia OST)

Thanks to the lovers

The whole world is lies, deceit and delusion. The star shines. It is taken from you. The seed shines, in your hands in the protected area. The black night and the madness splinters in our worlds. We feel into our loved ones and the bond. We hold on to the ribbon, even as the wheels of time turn and reevaluate. Nothing stands in the old place anymore. The precious moments reveal the essence of living beings. Thrown into the world. Finding and finding again. Sinking into this world. What was real? Apologies for constructions and stars of hope, because painful taking away finds us through time. Our loved ones – life takes away. They have revealed their intentions, love and knowledge to us. We take them into our soul. We carry the image of them with us in firm certainty of their affirmation to us. The simple little love. The care and encouragement and consolation. Thanks for the love given. The manifestation is the return. The code is the simplicity of the melody. The grinding of the platonic bodies. Beauty and eternal engravings in the archives of non-existence. Only comprehensible from existence. We are allowed to be here to see the eternal ones. The Eternals cannot see each other. The happiness to reflect the Eternals into the world, as a gift for the loved ones. The Eternals are non-existent and nameable out of existence in the awareness of All. The All are the Beloved. The light behind the smile of the Beloved. This Light! Messengers of the inner soul and friendship since the beginning. Relation of return. Order in creation. Paths of meaning.

Chrysta Bell – Down By Babylon
Alias – Inspirations Passing
Mazzy Star – Five String Serenade
Terry Callier – Golden Circle
Samara Lubelski – Road to Misfortune

Thanks to the suffering

The painful meeting with a being in pain and suffering. The soul of the world. The nuclear power of our existence. The consciousness of our imperfection. Being touched by the message of our own fragility with a joyful force of existence. The will to fight. Will of health. To bless the world and to say: “the little time we are here: each of us has that.” Understanding the ways of the world, because the painful events are wake-up calls that show us what is wrong with us. Where our soul is not happy in this world. We are searching beings, on the way to ourselves in our longing to understand what we are in the world for. For what do we burn? Which of our dreams do we want to bring into this world? What is I? All those who have left always remain within our reach. The old times. The happiness of youth. The better experiences and what was beautiful. Old people cherish the memories of things that were beautiful. We cherish them and don’t leave them lying around. Going new ways and searching for treasures is beautiful, but if we keep putting aside everything we already have, we lose our stability. Love is crucified, because it is judged, because it does not fit (anymore) into time, because it is blind and big, because it has no colour and is not tangible. They cannot see us.

DJ Krush – Chandle Chant (A Tribute)
Molly Nilsson – 1995
X Japan – Crucify my love
Molly Nilsson – H. O. P. E.
Paul McCartney – Jenny Wren

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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