Free and individual way in courage, naturalness and joy.

No gang to defeat us. No contracts from old ties that bind us afterwards. We feel the blue sky and the light shining clouds passing by. We drive on the highway with our car into a joyful new world of the unknown and interesting. “All new things come in May”. Simple sayings and simple doing. We don’t think about it for long, but we play casually with the other living beings in the knowledge that we are allowed to be as we are.

Wellen der Extase – Feiern (Intro)

Note: I have made the following music selection for myself. It may therefore appear to you (the reader) to be unsuitable for this structure, as it is based on personal criteria.

We carry ourselves out into the world (Zephyr).

No one has a right to our body and our intentions. We structure our environment so that we feel comfortable in it. But at the same time we are like a cat playing with something at the moment and then turning to a new interaction without being tied down. We do not think complicatedly into the condemnations. We feel comfortable with our gags and what we find beautiful we carry out into the world without fearing the judgement of others, because we enjoy life. Up there in the glistening sky are the “chem-trails” of airplanes. Hope in a negativity. Being free like a bird and meeting new people everywhere and being open to them. We reveal our emotions so that others can gain knowledge of our inner life for their world, to carry the completeness of the world out into the world by connecting and showing what is our own. Look at our enchantments, how they sweeten the short time we will be aware of you in the knowledge of the homelessness of our moving cars, which always leave after a short time. In this way our fullness, which we reveal to you in the short time, leaves you a value of the joy of remembering from this freedom. For they are unique in their revelation of the fullness and richness of a moment in which the soul has been breathed.

The Electronic Circus – Direct Lines
Virginia Gamez y Curro de Maria – Mediterraneo por Bulerias
Vengo – Naci en Alamo
Rodion G.A. – Zephyr

Homeland freedom of joy

You are at home where you are happy, where you can be as you really are. To be accepted in all your individuality by the world that you are yourself. The world always lets us be as we are. It is only the people who tell us how we have to be so that they can control us. Our true world reveals itself with nature and the beings of the world that serve as an example for us, as they show themselves in their imperfection, but in strength, joy and beauty. The home as a travelling gypsy’s carriage: always on the way – just as the heart of a gypsy feels the longing in the freedom that is his home. “Take care of me, let me be known to you, but don’t put me in a birdcage, be careful because I am free and see me in my freedom and love me in my freedom, I am weighed on you.”

Charles Manson – Your home is where you’re happy
Estrella Morente – Buleria
Iggy Pop – The Passenger

Joy of Kali

We are strong and free to express ourselves in not letting ourselves be caught by the captives. Showing and revealing the blackberry bushes, which have thorns when you approach them, is done with care and without being captured. Lovingly showing the wounding spines one carries to the playing strangers, as part of the game and seriousness. “Look here, I show you a beautiful story of joy and pain” We surf in a wonderful way on the waves of ecstasy of this freedom, while below us the waves break.

Remedios Amaya – Mala Malita Mala
Estrella Morente – En el alto del cerro de palomares
La paquera de jerez – por tangos
Grace Slick – Let it go
Rainbirds – Blueprint for Camilla Kemp

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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