Love stops and overcomes fear with trust.

The fear (of death) prevents us from loving. Beautiful children’s eyes, with open mouths they stand there, still the sparkle in their eyes and full and pregnant they are with the feelings of enthusiasm and the magic of innocence. A real smile, not an artificial one. From the bottom of your heart you want to show your beloved subject that you are completely confident in the moment. Revealing yourself without thinking about whether you look embarrassing or ridiculous or stupid. You trust in your own beauty, your own strength, that the beloved subject can reciprocally understand and appreciate what you feel towards yourself. You go out into the world with your whole soul and do not hold back. In this way you are rejected by many, but really recognized by the few, and even being rejected does not hurt you, because you are satisfied in your love for others and yourself. Self-love overcomes fear, because you value yourself. I was given the sentence: “We are the reason we think we possess.”. We are this world that we want to measure and divide and own. What we see outside is also a part of us, we are also a part of the world outside. To establish something means to start something, to build on something (a property). Do we want to achieve this beginning, to possess or to search for it? No, because everything that happens, the whole world out there: it belongs to us. It is a part of ourselves. From the position of this assumption of beginning within oneself and out of oneself (self-love), from a position of accepting the outer world as belonging and “right” and “healthy” and not as something that one has to possess, to gain, to take away, one reaches the situation of fullness in which one no longer has to fear loss. “I am right here and in my world and my world is also (basically) good, therefore I can love your world, because on a platonic (deeper) level it is familiar to me” Self-love and self-leadership strengthen our inner reserves (the reason for our coming Qi) and protect them from getting lost or scattered, because we take possession of them (and our body) instead of striving for them. “I do not want to get well. I am healthy”

Hermann Hesse – Augustus

Note: I have made the following music selection for myself. It may therefore appear to you (the reader) to be unsuitable for this structure, as it is based on personal criteria.

Given the reality of mortality

You understand that people do not live forever. We are mortal and our time on this world is precious, for there is no knowledge of the world to come. Pain shows us who we are and connects us in compassion with the living beings of this world. We are all born: and whether happy or painful, we living beings are united by our fate. The deeper similarity of mortality and the limitedness of all our abilities allows us to develop compassion for others. All the fear of these brief moments, all the retreating and fleeing from threatening situations. We find the courage to revisit these situations in resignation to the insecurity of an ongoing world. To hold something back and not to tell a loved one how you feel seems petty in the face of our mortality. To hide oneself from the world: in this way one assigns to oneself a separate position from the world, since we are all connected and born.

H.I.M. – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
The Last Emperor & Too Poetic – One Life
The Cranberries – Tomorrow

Connectedness already exists

We are already connected. Even if that wall separates us. Because there was a moment in time when we walked a common path, searching for a common future. All the negative events cannot reach the core of the connection. Because this core is of high value. The core connects behind the exterior, repulsive, threatening (what you see with the eye) the living beings in a deeper platonic way.

Hinterm Horizont – Hinterm Horizont gehts weiter..
Current 93 – Tamlin
Jeff Buckley (feat. Elizabeth Frasier) – All Flowers in Time Bend Towards The Sun
Lena Velaitis – Flying Dreams
Talk Talk – I believe in you

You are worth loving

Feeling oneself as unworthy prevents one from trusting others. One has seen so many times, how it all became meaningless and disappeared, slowly. Once trusting love, even though you have been disappointed so many times. It is understandable that you are like this. You’re worthy of being loved, with that hard protective layer. Despite this hard protective layer. For that hard surface. To feel the attempts of loved ones to get through that protective layer. Valuing everything about the loved subject and finding and understanding everything. To understand the connections: why the other one is like that in a precise way, so that one can accept and love them.

Moses P. – Trust In Love (feat. Xavier Naidoo)
Silly – Instandbesetzt

No doubts about you and me

One is not afraid to lose the loved subject, because one allows the freedom that is necessary for love to grow. One does not consider the beloved subject as a possession and enjoys the joy of the other. One does not doubt his affection for the beloved subject. Even when other things are not clear. This matter is clear. It’s not always obvious that it is. Self-love is necessary in order not to want to interfere in the interests of the free human being – to be self-satisfied in order not to lose oneself in possessive thinking. Every living being has its own goals and desires and if it does not fit, then one does not doubt the worthiness of the other and does not lose love for the other, because one understands that it is a revelation through which the other shows himself as he really is. Instead of being in deception, one is thereby in disappointment and can base oneself on a truth. The separation in truth is loving and honest and opens one’s eyes to the fundamental structure and condition of the loved subject and acceptance in the face of inevitability.

The Roots – You Got Me (feat. Erykah Badu)
Eels – My Timing Is Off

I should have taken you with me.

One flees from the beloved subject for fear of the surface. But in doing so, one also leaves the true other. Fear drives one to flee from a threatening situation. One wishes and longs to have taken the true other with one on one’s own journey into understanding the situation. The surfaces meet and repel each other, the depths yearn one after the other in separation.

Dutch – Meaning Of Unequipped
Marina Kaye – Freeze You Out
Elizabeth Fraser – Take Me With You

How do these hearts unfold to each other?

How can the circle of fear be broken when you realize that it is about to start? Self-knowledge and understanding can help. It sounds sad, but the negative experiences will not leave you completely naive. You will certainly not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. But: we humans grow up in our own circumstances, with a family that gives us a certain behaviour. We can understand that we meet to go through these situations again, because we would like to solve them. “To be together once with the person for whom it never worked out and it would have been so nice if it had worked out.

Raised by Swans – How Do These Hearts Unfold
Unaloon – Throw Down Your Fears
Talk Talk – Time it’s time

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