Emotional fields

The term “emotional field”, invented by me, describes a state of tension composed of different (subtle) emotions, which has a high relevance for the individual due to the strong feelings it triggers. The “emotional fields” considered here are triggered by the conflict-laden contact with a beloved subject. Within the human individuation, these emotional fields are a compass that can show us the way to those states of tension.


Individuation (Latin: individuare, “making indivisible”) describes the development of an individual. In the course of a person’s individuation process, the individual completes itself. The process includes the unfolding of one’s own abilities and possibilities for views, attitudes, opinions and perspectives. The goal of the process is a step-by-step awareness, in order to recognize and realize oneself as something one’s own and unique (ego and self becoming). In the development of man, individuation is a step which must be dealt with through conflict. This conflict is about disregarding the norms and values of others (e.g. parents) and finding one’s own norms and values. It is necessary to disappoint the expectations of others, to violate prohibitions and to find one’s own measure to overcome unhealthy adaptation. The result of this development step is reflected as inner representation and influences the organization of the personality.

The emotional fields are a compass for individuation, because they are part of self-knowledge. One explores which emotions are particularly strong and powerful in one’s own experience. Here I have determined those emotional fields that play a role in my individual experience. The reader may decide whether they are also relevant or interesting for him.

There are also subdivisions of the emotional fields in relation to different views. Just click on the menu above and a submenu will appear where you can find further subdivisions. For example a temporal course (expectation, adaptation, disappointment, capitulation, bridge). A subdivision in Yin/Yang (active/passive). A subdivision in a positive/negative effect on the emotional life and the offside origin of the emotional fields, which was excluded from this.

  • The origin leads to the emotional fields (A)
  • The bridge is the wish(dream) that can heal the origin (Ω)
  • It is difficult to bring one together with the other without ruining everything again. I’d like to know how that works.

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