The void is my place. Seeing the fullness: settling as a leper in the emptiness

“I know that there is abundance. I see people in summer. Couples walking lovingly hand in hand on the streets of the city. Children who cheer out of joy or stop in their race in a naive way and look up questioningly. The reflection of your beautiful feelings comes to me. It is reflected in my empty soul like on a pane of glass. I remain untouched by it. I see it and yet feel nothing. The emptiness is my home. It’s not bad and not good. You can be at home in the emptiness without feeling any sorrow.”

A Prophecy of Emptiness

The oath fills the soul. The mechanics of an ancient device that outlasts time and continues to run. They have taken everything from us and yet our machine continues to run. It will continue to function until we return. The emptiness no longer seems frightening, because you are their vessel and the great oceans of emptiness fill this vessel like a river flowing through it, as a purifying force. Everything that flows in also flows out again. And the dirt of the emotions is carried out of it, so that only emptiness and mechanics (the construct) remain.

Silmarill – Babylon
Dutch – Cerulean

A melancholy of emptiness

The emptiness sharpens the senses for the quiet things. One observes its course over time, because one has a wide view. The workings of men and the meaning of the world. One is outside the world of abundance, so one looks at the fires of people, how they light up and then burn up. One looks at the ashes with a melancholy of regret, because one knows these ashes.

America – Man’s road
Seidr – In the Ashes
Zap Mama – For no one
Rio Reiser – Junimond

You are invisible to the world

One has wanted to and had to change. When the fire has gone, one walks in the evening along other streets, which are more suitable for a person who can no longer stand it among those who are blessed by life. And you have nothing more to say to them when you meet them. Their topics no longer concern you. You feel comfortable with the emptiness, because it is the true face and not the disguised one. Or you feel comfortable in the Internet, where you are detached and decoupled from the other.

The National – Mistaken for strangers
Molly Nilsson – In real life

One stands as God in the void

The emptiness fills you completely and you act without ego. You make a gesture with your hand and flowers grow. One feels the forces of one’s own consciousness, which can shape the definition and meaning of one’s own world at will. You say your mantra: “I have no one to love” and it feels like paradise.

13th Floor Elevators – Nobody To Love

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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