Stay here. Summon the lost dream.

“We had something together. I believe it and I’m telling myself.”

One creates a dream world with the power of one’s heart and remains in it to contemplate the story. This is a denial, and yet it can can also be a lesson; because if you put enough effort into it, you can find the exit. You just have to keep holding on to your heart. This is the inscription on the entrance of the cave. But is it true? In any case, the solution has to do with overriding time. That sounds like an esoteric euphemism, whatever it is. But it is meant to clarify that the denial that one makes when one “conjures up” a lost dream in a selfish way is trying to take over everything and mixes with the real events in a way that is difficult to unravel later and may require a reassessment. This leads to conflict with the beautiful (shiny) things that one does not want to invalidate.

Note: I have made the following music selection for myself. It may therefore appear to you (the reader) to be unsuitable for this structure, as it is based on personal criteria.

Let the morning sun go by

The night is a time when unredeemed spirits go around. In the night you can talk to them and be together. The beloved subject is also such a spirit. In the loneliness of everyday life (especially if one has few friendships) one goes to these ghost worlds and hopes that the “morning sun” will not drive the ghost friend back to her urn at daybreak. You go deeper into Plato’s cave instead of out and create your own dream images and now walk among them in their world.

A Chinese Ghost Story OST – Dawn don’t come (黎明不要來)
Josephine Foster – All I Wanted Was The Moon
El Perro del Mar – Hold off the dawn
Orion Rigel Dommisse – Cave

Celebrating the Traits

One celebrates the traits of the beloved subject by remembering superficial peculiarities that one has liked and which take out the complexity. Such superficialities turn the beloved subject into a more figurative decal (the ice princess, the femme fatale, …), a beloved object that can be enclosed and decreed with representations from the media world and thus feel empowered (and no longer powerless) again. The valuable sides of the beloved subject that are actually more important to you are drawn into the unconscious.

Leavv – Valley

Withstand the iron wind

“Can you conjure up the dream, though it is lost?”

You remain in an unresolved situation and you get involved in it and it is like a fight against forces that want to take away your dream. If one is to fight on the “field of Mahābhārata”, one has already chosen his side.

“Can you fight for something that looks like a lie? Yes!”

StrawbellyCake – Eisenwind
Buck 65 – Heart of Stone

It’s not me at all. I am a bird

The path of the Luciferian flame is in its meaning: narcissism as protection from the “divine light”. This “divine light” presents itself behind all the beautiful things one builds up and invalidates them. “No matter what you do and how you bend, it remains a folly, for in this world everything turns to dust.” Yes, the superficial world presents itself, and you yourself, as a poor sick worm, draw from the deep source the powers of high knowledge (for you have the predestination to do so). But all these beautiful works (the creation, the end of meaning, …) are ultimately invalidated by the “divine light” (or also: nada, the nothing). “But before that we run away, so that it does not find us!”

Hot Chip – I Feel Better
Radiohead – How to disappear completely
Breath/Soom – Summer Song Scene

You change the past

You try to rewind a tape, like an old tape on a cassette, and play it back in a familiar place. It’s sad, because you end up going through the world with many assumptions that are not reliable “from up there”. “But that’s how it is, isn’t it?”. “We had sympathy for each other for a short time, didn’t we?”, “He used to be my friend before he did that bad thing, didn’t he?”. Because the friend has to be invalidated now (in the present) because he/she was wrong in an event in the past, this leads on the emotional level to blocking memories in the past. “If it is this way now; what does this mean in relation to the joke you did 10 years ago?”. This re-evaluation ignores the fact that you have to treat temporal aspects carefully (separate from each other), otherwise you construct false memories.

Xiu Xiu – Sad Pony Guerilla Girl

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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