Lost dreams fade into grief.

The clinging to the sparkling gold splinters that are washed away in the river bed is abandoned. They are let go, because holding on to them makes no sense, because the flood is too strong, which carries away these memories, expectations and dreams. What remains is an honest feeling of sadness, which is not imagined or invented, but simply overcomes you.

One goes, the other comes.

Good things just walk away. One goes, the other comes. Emptiness is also a being that now emerges from the background of lostness and with whom one shares one’s grief. It is an animated piece of the puzzle with which one now shares the feelings for the beloved subject. The void or the world. The future, the hope. All that remains in this moment of grief is the feeling of sharing your grief with a presence. One describes the path of loss. How did the loss take place and what alchemy was the mixture that led to it.

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man – Sand river
Gil Scott-Heron – A Sign Of The Ages
Daughter Darling – Absconding
Rodriguez – It Started Out So Nice

You can always count on grief.

Meet me once more in mourning, because the way I am now I cannot fall any further. One is safe in the depths of forlornness, for here one no longer has any expectations of the beloved subject. Grief is a safe feeling, because it is not selfishly conceited. One can rely on grief. Grief enables you to hope that the loved subject can return to you. It is, however, a broken hope that steadily descends towards surrender, because it no longer wants to be selfish. So it remains as a gentle transition of egoism towards a setting aside of it.

Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City
HIM – It’s All Tears (Unplugged)
Denez Prigent and Lisa Gerrard – Gortoz a ran

Exhale and inhale.

You give it of yourself and take it to yourself. You keep it to yourself. One tells about the loss and thus empties the grief and what is perceived as a burden. You breathe in and out. The grief is exhaled and acceptance and surrender is inhaled. One gets to know the unseen side of the loved one, whose honesty presents itself as rejection and liberation. This unseen side feeds the grief, because it is loved even though it pushes you away.

Gay & Terry Woods – Thinking of You
Kadhja Bonet – Tears For Lamont
Death In June – To Drown A Rose

Echo of a beauty.

You call after the lost feelings and they call back. “Look here we go and you can’t stop us” They present themselves in a polished expression that depicts the being. Tone colours of a performance for a past of which one was never allowed to become part and which now perform a formal dance, so that one observes this performance like a testimony given to one by life. For the sake of formality, the roles were already predetermined. Thus the dignity of the protagonists is revealed, who cannot give in to an inch in their request in the mournful parting. “A handshake in which one person hits in a particularly committed and possessive way and the other person escapes the grip in a tricky way and pushes his hand away.” Thus the lesson remains as an echo for contemplation and for mourning.

Mathilde Santing – Turn your heart
Mathilde Santing – You Go to My Head
Loren Auerbach and Bert Jansch – Frozen Beauty
Antony and the Johnsons – The Spirit Was Gone (as Video)
F.J. McMahon Early Blue
Mark Hollis – Inside Looking Out
Thomas Mann – Tonio Kröger

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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