There is a deeper meaning and it is worth bringing it to light.

The one meaning is the light of cognition, which arises from the grinding down of egoisms in the beloved subject. There is the unyielding lesson of truth. The love of truth is manifested in the phoenix-like change of dying hope. The other meaning is the ship of dreams anchored in the past. The dreams that show us fragments of ourselves that we wanted to find and save for ourselves in the future. There they come forth with time and we can scoop them like a ripe fruit. The beloved subject is a merciful muse who gives us the opportunity to reflect our dreams in this reality. We get the possibility of a story that leads us to ourselves. Our new self that we have foreseen in our loved dreams. The dreams do not only consist of persons, but of incomprehensible feelings and virtues and more mature components of our soul, which we worship or fear as numinous power until we are allowed to feel at home in them.

Note: I have made the following music selection for myself. It may therefore appear to you (the reader) to be unsuitable for this structure, as it is based on personal criteria.

Rare people (Lust for life)

the finding of the ideal people in the world: it is not narcissistic if it comes naturally. The world may not show itself to us for almost a lifetime, but there are those people who can delight our heart that is perhaps already so dulled by all the grey that it can hardly believe it. It’s like a child’s eyes go over in amazement when we can see such a situation and say: “oh, that really exists in this world too? I thought it was just a fairy tale that we can have something so beautiful in this broken world. That this world can bring forth spirits of such a kind as living people with whom I am allowed to deal with in a living way and not only in stories, I would not have guessed. What else can this world do?”

Roxy Music – More than this

The why and not the way of the masses

We question the ways of ordinary people when we have found our beloved subject and perhaps lost it again. It turns out that questioning the ulterior motive reveals a new meaning to us that we couldn’t see before because we were so focused on the ways of ordinary people. This fire of search for meaning burns within us with serious guidance, like a meritorious badge of a now finally knowing human being.

Gundermann & Seilschaft – Leine Los
Gerhard Gunderman – Die Zukunft

In the eyes of the dreamer

The reconnection to what it was like to be a child.
A child deals naively with the world and wants to know everything and asks many questions. We realize that we have mistakenly discarded this ability because it has been trained away from us. The meaning of the new world is in these questions. In communicating with another person and in feeling and being felt and being understood and being able to understand the other person. We human beings give a meaning. What is the deeper meaning in this clash of dreamers? Can we appreciate it?

Ian van Dahl – Castles in the sky (feat. Marsha)
Charles Manson – Eyes of the Dreamer
Девочка и дельфин, Юлия и Игорь Гороховы

Light of dreams into the world

We are born out of this world and yet we carry something within us that we want to reach out into this world. A flaw that we want to reach out to. We go up the stairs with the tide and not striving with a desire for possession. We see our rafts breaking underneath us and let our sea of unconsciousness carry us up in fear. It is a getting to know and an acquaintance with the forces and powers that are present in our unconscious and sometimes present themselves as hope-deceiving north stars or haughty morning stars. We do not run after them, but we are embraced by them, as if they would animate us. “I’m not this, but part of it is also me. We are one with ourselves. The deeper meaning emerges from me.” The third star is within ourselves. We learn to seek it. It also shines in other people. It is a home, not a breakout. The dreams are stirring. We let them rush past us and absorb their power. They pass us by and we can go home.

Saul Williams – Tao of Now
Mozart – Lux Aeaterna

Kindled fire

The loved subject distances himself or herself in a way that leaves our love unrequited and misunderstood. As a deeper meaning remains the beacon of a search for love, which as potential in the mind of the lover fills artistic and intellectual activities with meaning, which would not be attainable without this beacon. The contemplation of the loved subject becomes a reflector for things that otherwise would not have been your concern. To claim this in this way sounds presumptuous and could be understood as if the beloved subject is only an object (reflector) that the lover abusively uses for his own spiritual advancement. However, it is precisely this advancement that is firmly linked to the authentic contact with the persona of the loved subject. The search for the individual (atopian) in the beloved subject is fueled by Eros and the desire for knowledge. Since this desire is never completely satisfied, the fire remains burning again and again in a phoenix-like manner in hope and search. The ashes of the fire are another realization whose significance is linked to the beautiful image of the beloved subject. Since the ashes are only an image, they cannot carry the meaning for long. Only the new fire that burns from life essence is a fitting tribute that reciprocally gives the illusion of closeness. However, the works are by no means meaningless. Only in the eyes of the lover do they lose their meaning, because once they have been completed as a work of art or intellectual product they no longer symbolise liveliness and thus remind him too little of the actual essence.

The Cranberries – Yeat’s Grave
Hole – Northern Star

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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