Hope for idealistic loyalty and a dignified existence of the legacy.

After the separation and in the time of the absence of the loved subject, the lover thinks of what has been said, done and acted. He looks for the many little things and ailments that spread like a carpet over what is of value to him. He feels into the costumes of his beloved person and suspects that she has perhaps already forgotten the really valuable moments. The sheer meaninglessness of the whole relationship unfolds before him and reveals itself as “just an episode”. He knows that many things have not been properly understood. That people often did not understand each other. But he hopes for the value of the true moments. In doing so, he ties the value to the condition that the beloved subject also understands the value. Because the value is only meaningful to him in the mutual recognition. The legacy is thus in the continued existence, if a mutual love behind the masks of separation is still potentially present. He hopes to be remembered in the eyes of the beloved subject by reminding and holding on to those values which have promised permanence and reliability.

The legacy of value is the true understanding between the two people. Those moments in which no one has pretended to be someone he is not to the other, but one has marked out his territory (perhaps even conflictual) and revealed himself to the other as he/she truly is. The value lies therefore also in the courage of opening up and thus also in showing the utopian freedom of a better world.

Wish that time does not dissolve the legacy

Time is like a sea that is constantly working its way along a stone. The legacy as an essence carrier is perceived and recognized by a beholder, a lover. The ability of recognition can be disturbed by emptiness of the heart. Conjecture: Emptiness of the heart can be caused by too much sadness that exists for a long time. Food for thought: The ability to remember (the ability to see) is disturbed by trauma and without a memory some once loved legacies cannot be found, because they are hidden in the depth of these memories.

Bill Fay – Don’t let my marigolds die
Antony Hegarty & The Johnsons – River of Sorrow

May the song of the legacy delight your heart

A gentle touch and an attempt to make the other person remember the sacredness of the legacy.

Tim Buckley – Sing A Song For You

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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