Encounter in truthfulness.

The physical and the relevance of the true encounter. An encounter in truthfulness always includes a meeting in the form that was given to you, which you did not construct for yourself.

Note: I have made the following music selection for myself. It may therefore appear to you (the reader) to be unsuitable for this structure, as it is based on personal criteria.

Meeting at the moment

“Why did you become like this,
What is the story behind your diamond eyes?”.

One meets the other and notices his emptiness. A true understanding and interest in the other is at work. One wants to meet the other in the here and now and the past or future should not distract from this moment. Wanting to experience history is one thing, but truly appreciating the other and seeing him (in this moment) is another.

Cat Power – Cross Bones Style
Lana Del Rey – Mariners Apartment Complex

No more expecting the wrong from others

“If you only want to see us as strangers, we will remain unknown to you”.

No longer abusing the other one, trying to solve his own problems with him. Treat the other person as a human being and show true interest in his life and what he has to say. No longer wanting to drag the other one into your life, wanting to own him. Understanding that the encounter in truth can also be loneliness if it is true.

Cem Karaca – Es kamen Menschen an
Elsiane – Back to the source

I open my heart to you

One no longer hides one’s nature from the other and shows the love of the heart towards the beloved subject also in his deeds. Thus one can truly face one another. One also shows the other what one is not interested in when he makes advances. One is honest in showing what he is not and plays no role.

Anoushka Shankar – Land of gold (feat. Alev Lenz)
Björk – I’ve seen it all

We don’t want to fly anymore

One meets again after all the high expectations have been disappointed and now, more mature, one meets each other as “losers”, without wanting to fight or conquer the other (flying). One would like to meet the beloved subject once again, without these expectations.

Nick Drake – Fly
Mazzy Star – Ride It On

I want to see the side you’re hiding even though it hurts

Show me what’s behind the mask. I see your cliché (what you seem to be). What is this game? Better a punch in the face, if that’s what the situation really has to show me, than a false rejection, or a false reconciliation. Because it’s not a compliment when you pretend for my sake. Because you’re robbing me of the treasure of truthfulness.

Gerhard Gundermann – Männer und Frauen
Michelle Gurevich – It’s No Compliment

Let us have a discourse together

It is nice to have a discourse in mutual interest. Telling the other person what you want from him or her makes it possible to understand each other and thus also to meet in truthfulness.

Sabrina Claudio – Tell Me (Acoustic)

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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