Carried by angels.

One is enraptured by extra-worldly feelings. These are moments in which one is progressive. The stars in the sky shine out of your own soul. These are the angels whose shine cannot be explained, but who nevertheless light up their own path from above, protecting it. They speak:

“Every passing minute is a new chance to turn the page.”

Holy Spirit loves creature

In the lost, a message of fragility appears. This message points to the signals of beauty, aesthetics and innocence: “No, it was not planned that way. This path was not intended for us, even if we have to walk it now” – this message is revealed from the unconscious. Reveals itself, perhaps encouraged by experienced moments in which one had a strong connection to the coherence of a better world. Our world is damaged in many places and a small child can see these damages even better and thus understands what the world would actually be like if it would run properly. But the message of fragility rather indicates that the damaged world can and should be loved, because it needs love and deserves love, because it is a carrier of the unseen. It contains parts of the self that can only be recognized in this way. The Holy Spirit says yes to the “wrong world”, because it belongs to you. It is your own history and is worth to be embraced.

Talk Talk – I believe in you
Sigur Rós – Gong
Taylor Swift – Safe and Sound (feat. The Civil Wars)

love of the true essence

You can love yourself in a way that is gentle and non-judgmental by synchronizing with your true self. To do this, you walk along with the emotions you carry within you on the trail with your unconscious and exchange messages that help you to gain more self-knowledge. You do not search for them, but they come to you without a fight, because they are brought out of the unconscious through the emotions. It is a bird that flies to you. A dove or a bird of paradise that carries messages from your own soul. The true being consists of everything that makes up the living being. A living being cannot be crossed and judged for one aspect. A living being is more than the sum of its parts. We learn about the form of our true being. How our soul expresses itself. What is our soul life. We reveal ourselves to us so that we can love each other. “ah you are too, good to see you”

Basia Bulat – Heart of my own
David Arkenstone – Stepping Stars
Camouflage – Love Is A Shield
Sigur Ros – Njosnavelin

Unicorns are free

The holy spirit of the creature is in essence a phoenix. An unnameable proxy and mask designer. Hidden, defiled or even (apparently) destroyed. He still drives and awakens paths in the invisible intention that lead him to break out of the bonds of damnation. For it is a part of his being that he triumphs. Even when it is destroyed, its echoes act as an imprint of its presence. The transformation of the unicorn into a human being is a temporary fate which is only a symbolic presentation of eternity to existence.

Buffy Sainte-Marie – God is Alive, Magick is Afoot
Tansey’s Fancy – Unicornis Captivatur
Das Letzte Einhorn

Creature loves holy spirit

We see the Holy Spirit in a being who cares for us, who takes care of us, who is interested in a true exchange of essence with us. This manifests itself as an altrustical action in which the person contacts us in a childlike (undisguised) way on a deeper level, which we will remember. We will be cared for. This person puts his hand in the fire for us. We feel touched by this in a unique way, because it is always a unique situation when this happens.

Nomi – B-girl Lullaby
Ben Howard – She Treats Me Well
Listener – Train Song

Note: Music is free and the assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only and can never restrict a song to only these aspects.

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