Esoteric contemplation on wasps in a jar

I am haunted by some immature thoughts in my head whose bundling I would like to bring to paper here with their various components and which arise, among other things, from an actually typical experience that I had today at dinner with quite intrusive wasps.

The rune “Isa”, the upright standing stroke, also symbolizes self-control and strength. So does an upright bottle containing something precious (the sugary apple juice). I got two wasps into this bottle, which in a strange way (even by wasp standards) were active and nimble and almost as if their lives were at stake, fighting for every drop of the sugary juice. I left them the bottle with the rest to enjoy my meal in peace. The wasps then both (there were two) fell into the bottle and unintentionally bathed in the liquid.

The number two was relevant for me here, because it symbolized for me in a certain way a Yin/Yang image or also what I understand by “lover” and “beloved”, thus just on a symbolic level an image of a two-ness.

I watched how the two animals flew upwards several times and fell back into the liquid again and again and it became more and more difficult for them to fly up to the opening. This distress distressed me and I felt a feeling of tightness in my chest. It would be terrible for me to see how these wasps would finally die in this liquid, because it was foreseeable that they would become weaker and weaker and I thought about how it would feel for me to see these dead wasps in the glass, their hope for freedom suffocated in an ever weakening struggle.

Suddenly it occurred to me that it was no problem at all to help the wasps by tilting the bottle, which was vertical, to the side in the horizontal.

So I did this slowly and gently and the wasps were able to escape the bottle by crawling on the bottom of the bottle through the opening, but had learned nothing as they started to fly in the direction of the bottle again.

I then closed the lid so that the wasps would not get into the mishap again.

Can this parable now be transferred to the spiritual (inner) world for a deeper understanding of the current world circumstances?

If we see the tilting of the rune “Isa” into a horizontal form usually as something negative, while the vertical form of the “Isa” stands for something strong, with which we can separate ourselves against the other runes or threatening, the lying rune “Isa” stands for flattened, or just tilted, or defeated or however one can interpret this. In any case, it is not the inverted form of the “Isa” rune, since the vertical stroke is still a vertical stroke when inverted. But it is just an opposite crossing of this stroke.

Let’s look at it this way: the human being, in his delimiting defense, is sucked of his precious nectar (someone is sucking, here: wasps). This sucking however, actually goes to the ruin at this nectar, because he sucks the nectar in a place which is hostile to him (was not meant to suck there). The sucking one is a living being, the nectar is pure energy. The place is hostile to the living being. The living being needs the nectar to survive.

  • The undoing / downfall of the weak is the demarcation of the Other (the Other that the weak sees as nectar on which he becomes intoxicated or inflamed) by the “Isa” energy that traps the weak (that is why he is the weak, precisely because he can be caught by this energy) — trapping him in the vertical “Isa” stroke, in which he cannot be at home, since it is the “Isa” stroke of the Other with which this Other separates himself from him.
  • When the other now notices this, he can tilt his “Isa” energy to the side, slightly tilt, so that the weak is able to escape this danger. The Other does this out of self-interest, so that his “Isa”-being does not cause a bad deed to the consciousness of another living being.
  • .

  • The consciousness (stained by the nectar) escapes from the tilted (weakened in their “Isa” energy) bottle.
  • .

I have watched videos of Rudolf Steiner, describing that after death, man must leave behind his evil deeds in the lunar sphere and all deeds of man are a part of his self, thus an evil man must leave behind a part of his self. It has been described that man then passes through other spheres and finally in the solar sphere, based on his good deeds, he can interact with the Angeloi and similar powerful “entities” (also based on the heart energy of the Venus sphere). However, the person with many evil deeds had to leave them behind in the Lunar Sphere and is then “alone” in the Solar Sphere, since he cannot interact with the Angeloi because he lacks the proper language to do so.

The lunar sphere is described as the place of the teachers.

The story of Cain and Abel, from the Bible has certain similarities.

It is not common to think about the fact that the energy of the “Isa” rune is entered by other entities who take nectar there for themselves (as described by me in this article). Usually, the energy of the “Isa” rune is a place where the practitioner withdraws or separates himself from the outside. However, if the practitioner brings entities with him, then he does not have to be surprised if these entities make use of the opportunity for the sake of their survival, because they were virtually taken along or invited, because the practitioner has the power over the rune installation. The weak ones come along only where the runes are set up.

If we go away from the view of the real existing wasps into the world of the “energies” and runes, the practitioner has actually the entities in himself (as part of his self). They are entities to which he wants to offer a home in himself (in the state in which he is “Isa”), because he wants them to become part of this state. They should also be allowed to have the nectar of “Isa”, he wants to give them of it. But this wish is in conflict with the basic energy of the “Isa” rune, which pursues exactly the rejecting or purifying principle of a protection or a banishment.

If the practitioner now understands that these entities which he takes into the rune-exercise as part of himself are attacked by it, it is because he wanted to bring them into the rune-energy. He must therefore pour out the consciousness of the weaker beings by tilting the “Isa” energy 90 degrees on its side and then making sure that these beings can escape.

The tilted “Isa” rune is visible as the other two parts of the “Hagal” rune. It then becomes not a completely horizontal one, but apparently only a somewhat tilted one?
There is also the “Sie” rune, which obviously then represents the completely horizontal line. See also my article about the Christ/Isis connection (Avalon and Balance).

The “Isa” rune has currently been used prominently in works that I believe have a positive effect on the energetic defense system, which is able to assert itself autonomously and independently in the art world without being part of the cabal and is able to bring this energy as a potential or reservoir to others who consume this art. Consequently, there is also the passing (more a bringing) of the chalice or the staff into the space of consciousness of a person who also seeks nectar and who lets this staff glow energetically in him although it was passed on to him and was impregnated by art. He therefore activates the “Isa” energy then by transportation of this work of art in itself as consumable short-time luminous power, which impresses however an imprint, which stabilizes positive processes in the body.

Now one cannot demand from the artist that he tilts the “Isa”-energy of his work of art, so that the captured consumer should be freed. This has to be done by the consumer himself by becoming aware of how to use and discharge this energy in his body in a cyclic way in order to use it in his own rhythm in a positive but not excessive way.

Or again, the wasp image seen differently:

– The nectar in the “Isa” rune is the self, for the Isa rune is self-mastery .
– The wasps are addicted to the nectar. So they are: “self addicted”
– the weak are threatened with ruin or downfall. Threatened here is the weak who lets the wasps so rule and thus allows his ruin, because: in the lunar sphere after his death, he must leave a part of his self there, since it was a negative act on his part not to intervene (compassion)
– the wasps take this weakness and transform it into consciousness, because: their image and their doom awakens the consciousness in the weak.

The whole thing then actually symbolizes the way one loses one’s self-control (is weak) and other selfish people take advantage of this and one then sees that these selfish people suffer from this and one then intervenes to save them from suffering and one thereby regains (saves) oneself and one’s self-control.

this part I have been inspired from somewhere else and it obviously fits quite well or better to the situation. The sentence I got from this other wise person is:

“auf das die selbstsüchtigen die schwachen erretten vor dem verderben untergang,…und schwäche nehmen und wandeln in …bewusstsein*******”.

Somehow I have now come to the inspiration that this sentence and the “Isa” rune whose inspiration I have again from somewhere else help me in the interpretation of my wasp experience. What was there first? The inspirations that have finally led to my wasp experience or the wasp experience that has caused me to look again more closely. It is typical for individuation that it circles around something (Circumambulation). One returns again and again to ideas or intuitions that one has seen elsewhere and integrates them into a context of meaning that helps one to feel secure in the world.

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