Tales of the new world.

Red moon over the grain field

Red moon over the grain field – From the top of the hill you could see the image of the clouded sky in the approaching darkness. The moon appeared in a large gap between the low hanging clouds. He was very big that night and below him the tough cloud masses stretched along, past the hill, into an unknown distance.

A crow passed slowly with its unusually loud fluttering wings over the cornfield that was at the foot of these hills and settled on the roof of an old manor house, with many lights burning and people dancing to music and feasting in wild activity. The bird tilted its head back and forth and watched critically as some colorful lights flickered outside in the cornfield. He cleaned his plumage and listened to the sounds that came from below.

Meanwhile the children of the family were still playing between the high ears of grain. How the peaceful flickering of their little lamps gently swayed in the wind of the dark night breeze. And so the old lady swayed in her rocking chair on the porch of the old manor house.

The moon drew restless paths on its surface. On closer inspection, the old lady saw it when she looked up at the moon. She let her gaze wander over the surface of the moon and critically adjusted her glasses. Her gaze then followed an unsteady target across the cornfields up to the hills – but her eyes were already too clouded by her hard day’s work.

Where the hills rose above the cornfield, a small path stretched out into the distance on the round of hills. They were gentle round hills, so they might have had their origin in the old graves of the ancestors and under the green lush grass there were still brave knights resting who had once protected this land in the past.

Only a brook gurgling softly at the edge of the path to finally limit the cornfield from the hill below. A shuffle drew sand over the earth … like the sharpening of a rusty blade the clay came out of the shadows in the forest behind the hills. The forest at the foot of the great rugged old mountain that people avoided. A sudden gust of wind made a black cape flutter. Red moonlight cast the shadows of the small grasses in surreal light on the path. An unreal image. The sounds of the children were swallowed up here on the path from the hill. On top of the hill stood a figure who had never been there before.

A nonentity … flashing teeth and eyes flickering in a shine of scarlet red. A grin that went right to your core. In its depths lay the joy of an old game.

The colourful lights of Arthus, Simon and Julia were made by their father. So they played happily with the gift to celebrate the resurrection of the year and to sing in the harvest time. Little Simon did not know how long it took. He had almost lost his glasses when Arthus grabbed him too hard playing catch. Julia had only stood beside him and waved her head back and forth with an innocent look. She held a little stuffed bear firmly in her hand, because the red moon was uncomfortable for her.

The red color that also appeared between her legs a short time ago when the moon was full for the first time. Whether there was a connection? She was afraid to ask and was lying awake at night in the big room with the three beds in the old manor house. The walls of the round wood had been cold in winter and her mind too was waiting eagerly for the time of play to come again, the time that spring promised. But only recently her father said that she would already have to work in the fields this spring.

The great figure stepped forward, and was dressed as the land forbade it. Concealed in a black cloak was a young woman. She wore a white wig and provocative jewellery. Down the hill her boot steps were striding and in all the proclamation of the resurrection her gaze appeared as a promise of it.

The old lady now realized that someone was on his way to the house. The big shepherd dog made a loud bark, but was chained. She slowly and laboriously stood out of the rocking chair and let her bedspread slide to the ground absent. What a visitor this was who approached with such a strangely swaying step. The old woman still knew the stories of demons and the unholy Lilith, which Adam once tried to seduce and was cast out. In deep sorrow she called over to the front door for the family, the father and the big brother. George came out with the shotgun in his hand. He was wearing his uniform, for he had only recently been selected for the army. They now looked towards the long path leading from the hill to the house and George recognized the figure but reacted more with fury and anger than with fear.

“Devil woman! Stay out of our yard, I say… or you’ll taste my shotgun”

In the night breeze the robe blew and the figure let her hands reach up to her shoulders and the black cape fell to the ground in folds. Red moon on white hair. In the purple light the young woman’s face seemed particularly seductive and the young man had to wink before he rubbed his eyes. She flashed her wicked smile and lowered her gaze. When George opened his eyes again, the path was empty and ruggedly he saw only the high dark rock in the distance from which the brook poured into the depths, far hidden in the darkness was the top.

In the cornfield the moon only weakly stroked through the grain ears. The children had grown tired of the game and were just about to make their way back to the house of their births, when suddenly a magical song resounded very softly.

You young, sweet children,
I saw you in the moonlight
you are the youngest life
in all this reality

I play this game with you
You follow me and you shall see
what I’ve been hiding from you
you young sweet children

Oh dark is this life
you don’t yet know the pain
following me into the depths
and then you taste my heart

The last words faded away with a whispering poisonous sound. Soon after, the moon disappeared behind the ears of corn. It was now all dark.

Julia buried her face in her hands and cowered on the ground. Simon cried anxiously for his big brother and dropped the lantern on the ground. The colourful paper burned in the fire, leaving only a coloured carpet in the brown earthen floor. These were the colours he had chosen for himself when the father asked him which lamp he wanted to choose.

But no matter what the calamity, Arthus grabbed the two by the arms and dragged them with him, he certainly did not want to capitulate before a woman’s voice. His brother and father would certainly not forgive him such a thing. He had to be strong and bring the other two to safety. When Julia was pulled along, the hot wax on her hands was spilled and she screamed and started to cry. Only Arthus still had his lamp with him and they ran off a little faster in the direction where they thought they would find the house. But suddenly only sharp stopping helped, otherwise they would have fallen into the river. There was gargling and blubbering in front of them and in the light of the small coloured lamp they could see a face in the bluish light of the river water.

My singing is no threat to you
Watch out, you children.

Not long the world was spinning
soon again, it will be winter

Your parents, they don’t understand
As you have only just been born

You must create the new world
who would otherwise be lost in dreams

Get in the water follow me
I’ll give you a new birth

They talk a lot and say nothing
The sun is but a ball lightning
It seems to you it burns the skin
You think I’m the Devil’s Bride
But darkness is light power
that creates light out of nothing
Explore my darkness
I promise you
the bliss

They didn’t resist the hypnotic effect of the blue face, and all three of them went down into the river. Then the three of them floated up the changed course of the river. High up… past the hills and the little path through the deep unfathomed moss of the forest. So they lay each behind the other in the blue river whose message had lured them in. They could not resist, for it was a promise to change their prescribed future. A different life than the hard work life. The resurrection of the same daily work was the feast of their family. The river deprived them of all obligations and memories…

Their small bodies drifted further and further up, past ibexes grazing on the crevices high up on the mountain. Up into the airy heights. Until even the mountain below them disappeared. Because the water of the river originally came from the clouds of the sky and so now the children also moved over the raindrops up into the sky. The heaven of new possibilities… in which all things that could be one day were formed and which withered there in the hope of a better life.

And up there now was darkest darkness. But only the stars of the eternal cosmos surrounded them and they “awoke” from their slumber. They were dazed, but it seemed to be possible to get up in this strange reality. There must have been some kind of law of gravity up here. And behind a bunch of stars the woman suddenly stepped out, as if she could open the stars easily like a door, half of her body was sticking out behind this star door and she looked at them challengingly and waved a finger of her left hand to follow her behind this door.

You are now my fighters
and i will make you dresses

You will come my way
And I’ll show you whats the bidding

I have many plans
and you shall understand them.

We are the deep of blackness
and the light one wants to kill us

my children follow me,
into the depths of all your souls

Laws that still apply
we will bend them in this pathway

This is how the dark woman with the white hair spoke, or at least the children thought they understood these words when they looked into her face, which was clouded with a circle of stars. So they followed her behind the door, although all this seemed very mysterious to them. They were simply too captivated by the eyes of this woman. Behind them the door closed and from below the singing of birds resounded. The new morning came and the sun was about to rise again, but the children were no longer in this world of Sun.

In the real world

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