Couple in love.

I watched a young man and his girlfriend sitting down on the free seats in the Italian restaurant on the street. I was sitting directly behind them and couldn’t help but look up from my reading and see them from behind. I saw how the young man first persuaded his girlfriend in an unbelievably sweet way to let him feed her the huge ice-cream sundae that had been brought to her shortly before and now stood in front of her in its voluminous creamy power. He talked to her very well and leaned to the side to show his interest in her reaction. And although I was a little envious when I spooned my tomato soup under the umbrellas in the shade of the evening sun and had Nietzsche open on my smartphone waiting to be read on, I wished them only good things. So his girlfriend let him “feed” her and I was impressed by such care in guiding. How does such wooing and such a Donjuan-esque ability to charm the women and have fun at the same time come about. It is really beautiful when a man puts himself in such a back seat and enjoys the happiness of his partner. It was beautiful to look at.

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