That which is going to be, fights against being

Music of Goddess, Transformation

We’ve been fucking up our world for a while now. So maybe the Maya calendar (Tzolkin) was right after all, which had named 2012 (around the turn), the end of a time period. Maybe there was a way before that to bring us on the right course. Since Trump has now been elected, one can probably say that the feeling arises that we are on a wrong time line (parallel world). The way we humans treat the planet and other creatures (exploitative) will have added up. Climate change as a man-made catastrophe will lead to streams of refugees, which can lead to conflicts and wars. “We are the reason we think we own” (what else could that mean? Reason, Meaning? Having a reason for something is called having meaning. Can you have meaning? We are the reason ourselves, though we want to have it, Maya — “we all come from the goddess, and to her we will return, like drops of rain, flowing into the ocean…” ankh, life itself — want to possess creative power? Envy the ability to create life? masculinity as a passive-aggressive reaction to perfection? Tetsuo and Akira?). Wicca as a matriarchal hold on self-love (becoming aware) is a state of mind that reflects both narcissism (I love myself, I am beautiful and adorable) and radical permission. In the Wicca world there is no devil and the dark emanations are considered to be involved and a share is taken in these energies without stigmatizing them. Through this assumption transformation takes place. The Wicca world offers transformative energies because it is able to consider dark emanations as part of the goddess. Who brings forth a child and raises it: a mother. The father is only involved in the process of procreation and the creation of life has always been part of the female principle. Growing up is a constant process, which is especially successful when forces are collected at the moment and not disposed of. The masculine is combative and disposes forces to achieve certain goals in the world (food hunting, hunting, winning the rare, doing great works). The masculine has now done its works, in the sense of accumulating exploitation from the resources of Mother Earth. Boundless growth, capitalism, masculine principles in the desire for achievement. Even women have the ego-thinking when they are longing for expensive resources and are not satisfied with beauty, but diamonds have to be dug out of the depths of the mountains. That which is excessive and out of balance is the effort inherent in the masculine principle. To do the right thing at the right time means to go hunting when there is a lack and not to go hunting when the lack is fulfilled. However, we modern people always go hunting, because we worship the deity of unlimited growth (God as the masculine principle – the All-Father). A true religion would have to look at being and being in a way that is flowing like water. “Today is a day of hunting, let us go hunting together with the All-Father. Tomorrow is a day of care, let us celebrate our existence in Being and cultivate self-love with the All-Mother.”

How can we accomplish the change of consciousness that makes us humans celebrate our existence again. When do we abolish the 8-hour workday? When are we going to convert everything to solar energy and rebuild our world so that we no longer have to do stupid jobs. What are all the untrained sales assistants doing in such a new world. Aren’t we ready for the perfect world when we could have it already? Does it have to be held back because then all the bankers and egoists have nothing more to do and lose all their motivation because of emptiness? What do you do with hunters in a world where there is no longer anything to hunt?

So much should be done for the future. What could they look like, the schools for the future?

Proposal for reflection: “Abba Amma (Ankh)”

In terms of religions:
Can we even afford to have a religion without a goddess, or divinely feminine?

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