Doom instead destruction

So as not to destroy you, I’ll abandon you to disaster. A being is not welcome in this place at this time. The crowd is getting out of hand and the disturbance of a peace reveals disgust and abhorrence for the things that are writhing in secret. Out of loyalty to the oath of high ideals, however, destruction is averted. Instead, the powerful one abandons the unwelcome being to disaster, leaving it to a vague destiny. Schrödinger’s cat. A hope for a happy outcome for the unwelcome being in another place. The knowledge that he himself is this unwelcome being in another form at another time makes the Mighty One feel compassion and awakens in him astonishment at the ways of this world.

The powerful one is sad that he is the decider who empowers himself over another being. He feels offended that he has to fight for his place in the world with other beings and that the world imposes on him to destroy these beings from time to time. He then sometimes spares these beings in an act of rebellion against the role imposed on him by fate or life, as a reminder that the world itself is going wrong. More precarious balance between self-loathing and happiness. A Sisyphean task. In other words: he has to decide again and again, because life keeps throwing these events in his way, so that he meets unwelcome beings, so that he has to judge again.

Note: The following links show examples that show similarities to this scene. I have made this selection for myself. It may therefore seem inappropriate for you (the reader), as it is based on personal criteria.

Frumpy Doggie – Dear Rabbit

Note: The assignments made here are for entertainment purposes only, as the scene is always a temporal event between subjects and therefore only a similarity can be shown.

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