Let that -be- Mine

The following two songs have shown me two poles of incompatibility (take a look at Craig Thompson’s ‘Habibi’ again, because interestingly, this Arabic word actually means the same in its essence)

Mazzy Star – Let that be
Kleo – Mine – DEKYNLYA

The first song says that the question is asked if you can please stop being annoying. The depressed and anxious person asks to just let it go. “Just be simple, let that fight off”. The second song says that you are very much longing for contact with someone (necessarily) and that you are twisting yourself very badly to pull that person back into your life. If you follow the second song and correspond with it, it indicates that you are still hopeful, which must be bitterly disappointing, considering that you should have understood the first song after all; because it says that you should please leave the person alone, because the other person may even (indeed) like you, but it is just so painful to be together (boredom, incompatibility, conflicts, unreasonableness, childish, …). This means that you probably want to harm the other person if you demand the wish of the second song in contrast to the first song, nevertheless, or present it like a threat or a desire or proof (the second song by itself is only given by presenting it in this context). It then comes across like: “hey I’ll show you how much I like you, you probably haven’t known it yet huh? Exposing it in this way might suggest to the other person that you think they are stupid, as if they don’t understand you. Everything you want to prove to the other person suggests that the other person hasn’t thought this far ahead or doesn’t understand. Therefore the way of “wanting to prove” or “showing yourself” to the other person is unfortunately not right. This is not to say that you can’t try to understand; but by revealing, you fuck up everything.

The energy and bond grows where you really see the other person and deal with him/her, and not with art/music and other consumption a dreamed (fantasy) connection is strengthened, but: being together, doing together, feeling together. Getting to know each other, understanding each other, showing consideration for each other. To consider here does not mean to adapt or to fit in somewhere but to consider where one can enjoy together.

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