Feeling into gentle affection

I can wait many days while her smile fades.
My dream is the reason why I cannot understand her.
To be content without ever really being needed as you are.
What can be done when one is lonely?
– thrown into this world from an innocent place.

Where can one find happiness if one does not believe in people.
How can I reach them without losing them

I want to send my light down there and follow.
I want to be in dark passageways and narrow caves
and know that it’s my responsibility.
Because when I’m there, I realize:
my love belongs to those places,
for in the darkness lingers my love.

Come the time when everything may seem meaningless to me.
My fire dwells in dreams, for that is where it is at home.
Look at you, there by the bridge under the old tree by the lake.
Under the umbrella in the sun, lost in your soul.

At the right moment, at a time that doesn’t exist,
we are finally ready and able to
understand each other.

Then, when I don’t have to talk anymore, I’ll talk to you.
Understood in a timeless language, on placeless clouds I glide,
held by my dream into this hope
I walk by night, driven by a strange longing
through the city. My eyes are going to the ground.
I would not dare to face my love.
Sad horror to frighten my love.
My love becomes terror.

Sweet willow, stay with me a while and let’s talk.
Stay still with me and let us discover the unknown.
Don’t blow out the candle, or do
and let me discover your soul with care.
With what caution can I assure myself of your comfort?
With what faith and what plan can I make you
to be pleased.

Island of a world I am. A traveling spirit on wings,
a thousand suns through trickling hourglasses
in search of a body whose magic
stops the paths of fate once again to reach this path
that leads to the bodiless place, under a tree to see my love.

No chance of testing my love to find out if she’s in favor.
To frighten and bother my love again.
With a being whose fear of words takes all her powers.
Judging solitude. The bitter taste will remain for long.
The bitter taste

Speaking your name before falling asleep feels like comfort.
From time to time I fall in love so I don’t lose the music of my soul.
Over there, there’s life and the world. I put them both aside.
I’m drawn to you on these uncertain waves.
All your fruitful genii and sympathies you’ve kept inside you.
It is completely inexplicable to me why I can feel them there,
the thin thread is still my lot.
I firmly believe in this dance I’m never ready for,
but which I know exists, in this one world where it works.
To be able to pass for once, that’s what we both want.
That’s what we have in common, and we radiate it.

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