No contact with people who believe in God

Disclaimer: what I have understood here may be faulty and should be discussed and questioned in dialogue with the Beloved Subject. In this respect it is only what I have understood and may not correspond to reality in everything. However, I hope that I have correctly recognized the key points, otherwise it would be a pity.

The Beloved Subject does not want contact with people who believe in God. Be it the Christian or any other superhero clearly dressed with attributes. Equally undesirable is contact with people who believe in the good in people (this is like being a Nazi and Jew with each other). She reflects a lot about the bad in people.

With the Beloved Subject, the fire of a rationality is at work, which wants to get to the bottom of things and cannot be satisfied with a safe place (which is based on a lie). For the Beloved Subject, believers are also those who, in a conversation, are looking for a safe common place to find an agreement, and are therefore not interested in the actual subject (are incoherent), but are interested in externalities to which one can (apparently?) cling. She does not do it herself and it makes contact difficult for her if her counterpart does, because it invalidates the actual exchange, which contains everything and in which the meaning of the exchange has priority over holding on to an image.

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