Actions, attitudes and opinions

Disclaimer: what I have understood here may be faulty and should be discussed and questioned in dialogue with the Beloved Subject. In this respect it is only what I have understood and may not correspond to reality in everything. However, I hope that I have correctly recognized the key points, otherwise it would be a pity.

Where different attitudes/opinions meet, the potential for conflict is revealed, but also the possibility for meaningful dialogue and debate. So there are differences in attitude/opinion which the beloved subject can hardly or not tolerate. There is a willingness to compromise with regard to banal leisure activities, but not with regard to fundamental differences in values (keyword: “just be a nazi, I can tolerate that”). Her opinion/attitude is stable and she is not so good at changing it, because she has tested it over a long period of time and gained it in exchange with people.

With regard to “commonalities”, she also considers it important to look at the reasons through which someone arrives at an attitude/opinion or value judgement. She finds that many things are not about agreeing on a value judgement, but whether the value judgement is generated for the right reasons, or in other words, whether it comes from a related source.

She has difficulties with philanthropists. If someone sees the positive in people (in general) and thinks that all people are somehow good: this arbitrariness is bitterly offensive to her and even more, it is like being a Nazi and a Jew for her. A difference in attitude that is difficult or impossible to bridge. She likes idiot bashing and a philanthropist constantly accuses her of negative intentions, because he assumes that every person is valuable and it is not appropriate to “devalue” someone in this way (but neglects the validity that you can simply be of this opinion and you have the right to find another person shit). She thinks that you can overdo it with tolerance and in connection with her view on friendship this is coherent, because it is revealed that tolerating other people in your life can be harmful, if you tolerate them but they want to exploit you for their own purposes. She cannot imagine being in exchange with someone who always sees the positive in everything first and thus undermines a meaningful exchange by relativizing it. She is a thoughtful person who is negative towards people, towards this society and she thinks a lot about the bad in people and she hates people (in general) as a species or society and thinks she will never get along with the way people are. What she has experienced has shaped her and her attitude towards life. She has an interest and curiosity about the origin of human actions and attitudes. She is very active in getting to know others in terms of personal attitudes and what values/viewpoints/preferences one has in life (also in terms of “little things”). She does not adapt well to the expectations of others in her actions and cannot cope with the fact that this is required of her, because she is authentic and in this respect incorruptible. You don’t get a mask of helpfulness from her if you express yourself in such a way that what you say is in conflict with her values, which are based on truths. She shows herself convinced that she is building a stable foundation (even if others usually do not understand this very well). She is consistent and does not disguise herself in exchange with a lover (it is necessary to disguise herself in front of stupid people, but unwillingly and difficult to bear). She does not feel embarrassed about things she likes and does herself and which are considered embarrassing in society. She takes the view that being stupid is a destiny and that it is fixed at the end of puberty. Having to talk to people where she realizes that you don’t get along with each other (no small talk either). She doesn’t invest anything in contact if it doesn’t fit (time, situation). She would also like to find peace and quiet and the conflicts in basically incompatible contacts cause her concern. She looks for long conversations between like-minded people.

If someone has an attitude/opinion this is basically nice or interesting at first, because a discussion/debate can develop or if someone is interested in her and her attitude/opinion a good conversation can develop. Beautiful actions are when someone invests a lot in a contact, because this can keep it going. To invest a lot means: to make an effort to get to know the other person, to open up and answer questions; or simply: to act according to one’s own best knowledge in this sense. Opinion is something well thought out, something substantial. It’s not something that you make dependent on the form on the day.


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